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Educational Program

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Chesterfield Innovative Academy for Girls will nurture the potential in each girl to become resilient, self-aware, confident leaders who become responsible residents and innovators in their community.

The CIA4G Difference

We identify each girl's unique talents, skills and challenges.  A student may possess cognitive abilities for academic success, but lack social/emotional or self-regulation skills.  Another student who needs developmental coaching may become frustrated as she tries to complete tasks.  Through encouragement, praise for small successes, positive feedback and self-acknowledgement of steps toward achievement, the child is able to verbalize her need for assistance and independence.  Over time, students set and reach higher academic and personal goals. 

Our philosophy of education is grounded in the Reggio Emilia approach which includes:

Image of the Child

We believe that children are born thinkers and learners who observe and experiment from their earliest months to understand their world.  Children are naturally curious, creative, and motivated to discover and learn.  We believe our role as educators is to nurture and sustain their natural dispositions in an object-rich environment that contribute powerfully to learning and understanding.


In  a collaborative environment, children begin to understand their unique talents, both as an individual and as part of a group.  Girls negotiate conflicts when they arise, discover students with engineering skills and artistic skills.  In time, girls recognize and accept strengths of classmates without judgment or competition and build a healthy learning community.

The Hundred Languages Studio

Children use various media and expressions (clay, pen, paper, watercolor, song, imagination and science) in the studio to communicate within "the hundred languages of children."  They learn to reflect on their knowledge as they make their learning visible.

The Natural World

As children observe the natural world, they are prompted to ask questions that lead to discovery in science and social studies.  Students grow vegetables and flowers in raised beds which helps them attune to the seasons and connect with the natural world.


  • Intensive study of mathematics and language arts in early grades
  • Daily physical activity
  • Personalized instruction based on teacher observation of student
  • Student-centered learning

Our program is based on the developmental age of children.  Learning and understanding follow a sequence of physical, social and emotional development in a learning community where children feel safe to explore and investigate  and where they learn to self-regulate their emotions.  Children learn in a variety of ways. Play is an important part for developing large and fine motor skills to promote language, cognition, and social and emotional development.

Our developmentally appropriate practice encourages students to learn and grow at their individual level of learning.
4836 Cascade St
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